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From far beyond the void, a destructive alien menace, known as

The Icharid Covenant threatened to consume

all of the Creator’s work.

The people came under constant attack

from the Icharid onslaught,

and their worlds torn asunder.

In an act of desperation...

the Creator summoned a multitude of Fighters from

the ‘Other Side’ to prepare them for their final challenge

It is now up to the Fight League to

liberate the besieged world…


Chief Officer J

A corporate sales manager by day who becomes a hero of justice by night. Balancing his work and heroics makes him a very busy man. His iron fists can smash evildoers, and yet still manage maximum sales growth!

Chief Officer J


  • Fight LeagueSurvivor

    Fight League Survivor is a Rougelike game providing players with different experiences through multiple game modes.

  • Fight LeagueMedallion

    Fight League Medallion is a free-to-play, synchronous, turn-based PVP digital card battle game.

    Coming Soon
  • Fight LeagueMissions

    Fighters assemble! Fight League Missions is an ARPG game. Players control their fighters to clear missions and collect loots.

    Coming Soon

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  1. 2024 H2
    • Develop test version of level UGC feature for Survivor
    • Start development of Medallion’s MVP version
  2. 2024 H1
    • Officially launch project website
    • Release beta test and MVP version for Survivor
    • NFT Sale of Survivor Genesis Fighters
  3. 2023 H2
    • Finish web3 design for Survivor’s MVP version
    • Decide chain partner
    • Start promotion via social media
  4. 2023 H1
    • Start development of Survivor’s MVP version
  5. 2022 H2
    • Initiate Project; align overall planning with Mixi
    • Develop and verify demos for the games
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  • Mixi
  • Ronin
  • Skymavis